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for the Model 1035HiR & 1045HiR THROTTLE QUADRANTS

With High Resolution USB Adapter





Below are the Instructions to install the CESSNA THROTTLE QUADRANT




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Thank you for your purchase of our Re-Designed Avionics Panel - The PUSH-PULL THROTTLE Quadrant. At the present time, we have two Models; the 1035HiR and the 1045HiR. The Model 1035 depicts the Throttle Layout of a Cessna Skyhawk 172SP. This consists of a THROTTLE (Black Knob)- Mixture (Red Knob) and Flaps Adjust Spring Return Toggle Switch. The Model #1045HiR depicts the Throttle Layout of the Cessna Skylane. This panel consists of a THROTTLE (Black Knob) - Propeller Pitch Adjust (Blue Knob) and the Fuel Mixture Adjust (Red Knob). When correctly calibrated and programmed within the Flight Simulator "ASSIGN" window, you will have the time of your life simulating flights around the world! The addition of Push-Pull Throttle Controls to your Desktop Aviation setup, will, without a doubt, give you a Hightened THRILL of Actually Flying your Favorite Airplane.


By incorporating a 10 Bit Resolution USB Adapter Module, the 1035HiR and 1045HiR will give you MORE precise control over your aircraft. 


Below, you will find the detailed instructions for Calibration and Programming of your New Throttle Quadrant. Calibration of the Throttle Quadrant is essential for the proper operation and added realism of flying YOUR Cessna. So read these instructions carefully and you will have Years of Exciting Flight Simulations.



Model #1035HiR Skyhawk

Contains THROTTLE - Fuel Mixture - Flaps Adjust


And 2 RCA Jacks for additional switches







 Model #1045HiR Skylane

 Contains THROTTLE - Prop Pitch Adjust - Fuel Mixture



You can easily add our Parking Brake or Carb Heat Controller to either Quadrant





The Most Obvious re-design is the more realistic Cessna style knobs used on the Throttle Quadrant. When you plug the Throttle into yout computer's USB Port, your computer will sense the Throttle and automatically load the needed driver software. You will notice a small white window appear on the computer screen. It will indicate that New Hardware was found; "Skyhawk Throttle Quadrant" or "Skylane Throttle Quadrant".


So proceed with the Calibration and Installation information below.



Connecting the Throttle to your Computer

Connecting your New Throttle Quadrant to your computer is a simple thing. All you need to do is to insert the Throttle's USB Plug into an unused USB receptical on the front or back of your computer. Even if you have multiple USB connections, your computer will sense the Throttle and load the proper software for its operation.



Either RCA plug can be used to install the Optional Parking Brake. The second RCA plug can be used to install the Optional Carb Heat Switch, or if you wish, you can install a Normally Open Switch of your choice Here and program it for any available flight function listed in your FS2002, FS2004, FSX or even FSUIPC.



Calibrating the THROTTLE Quadrant 


Just follow the easy instructions located below each photograph.



 With your XP Computer running; Click on the 'START' Icon; 'Control Panel', then...



... "Game Controllers"



With your Throttle Quadrant connected to the USB Port, your Computer will sense the Throttle as either


"Skyhawk Throttle Quadrant or Skylane Throttle Quardant". Click on 'Properties'.




After pressing "Properities", you will see the window illustrated above. You will then Calibrate your Throttle Quadrant as follows:


Z Axis will be used for the THROTTLE Control (Black Knob)

X Rotation will be used for the Fuel Mixture (Red Knob)

Y Rotation will be used for the Prop Pitch (Blue Knob - Model 1045HiR Only)


RED Buttons #1 and #2 - Spring Toggle Switch (Model #1035HiR ONLY) for Flaps or Gear                     

Flaps/Gear UP = RED Button #2      Flaps/Gear DOWN = RED Button #1


RED Button #3 Wired for Parking Brake (Model #1070/2004) ( RCA Receptical on BACK)

RED Button #4 Wired for Optional Caborator Heat Switch (Model #1080) ( RCA Receptical on BACK)






If you purchased the Model 1035HiR Skyhawk Throttle Quadarant you will find a Spring Return Toggle Switch to the right on the front panel. Press the Toggle Switch DOWN, the Flaps go DOWN. If you flip the Toggle Switch UP, the Flaps go UP. So now is a good time to TEST the Flaps. With the "Skyhawk Throttle Quadrant" showing in the window on-screen; press the Flaps switch DOWN. NOTE that the #1 RED Circle Lights. When you release the Toggle Switch, the built-in spring returns the handle to its Center position. Now, flip the switch UP. Now Notice that the #2 RED Circle Lights. This Toggle Switch can also be programmed to Extend or Retract the Landing Gears. Now proceed to the next step.


Flipping the Toggle Switch DOWN - the #1 RED Circle LIGHTS

Flipping the Toggle Switch UP - the #2 RED Circle LIGHTS


At the TOP of the "Properities" window; Click "Settings"

With the "Settings" Window showing; Click "Calibrate"

The Calibration Wizard will then be Displayed. Click on the "Next" Icon

With the above window showing, it asks you to "Leave the handle centered", just click on the "NEXT" icon.

This section allows you to calibrate the Throttle Control (Black Knob). With this window displayed, pull the Black Knob IN then OUT. You will see the Blue bar in the window move from Left to Right. Do this 3 or 4 times. Then Click "NEXT"

This section allows you to calibrate the Fuel Mixture Control (Red Knob). With this window displayed, pull the Red Knob IN then OUT. You will see the Blue bar in the window move from Left to Right. Do this 3 or 4 times. Then Click "NEXT"

The Next Section is to Calibrate the Prop Pitch Control (Model 1045HiR). If you purchased the Model 1035HiR, goto:
Programming Your Flight Simulator

This section allows you to calibrate the Prop Pitch Control (Blue Knob). With this window displayed, pull the Blue Knob IN then OUT. You will see the Blue bar in the window move from Left to Right. Do this 3 or 4 times. Then Click "NEXT"

This now completes the Calibration of your THROTTLE Panel. But we're not finished yet. We still need to program the Throttle Functions into our MS Flight Simulator. For this procedure, I will use the MS Flight Simulator 2004. If you have FS2002, that's no problem. The programming is still the same, MS might have just changed the terminalogy a bit.


Programming Your Flight Simulator

As previously encountered above, a picture is worth a thousand words. I will use photos extensively throughout the programming procedure. First; make sure the THROTTLE's USB Connector to an unused USB Port. And that all Optional equipment is also installed.


When Flight Simulator is RUNNING, Click on "SETTINGS" then "Assignments"



With the NEW Window showing; Find "Joystick Type" then "Skyhawk Throttle Quadrant or Skylane Throttle Quadrant". Then CLICK. Before programming any functions, scroll down the Joystick Assignment List and DELETE ANY Default asignments that your Flight Simulator might have made. Only when the Assignment List is CLEAR of any settings, you can program the Flaps Switch. If you purchased the Model 1045, the next section can be ignored.


Programming the Flaps Switch (Model 1035HiR)



Lets first Program the Flaps Control Toggle Switch (Model #1035 ONLY) In the Assignment List, scroll down until you find "Flaps extend incrementally (for FS2004). Extend flaps ....(for FS2002)" Click



In the lower left hand side of the screen; locate and CLICK ON "Change Assignments"



With this smaller window appearing, Press the spring Return TOGGLE Switch "DOWN". The text "Button 01" will appear (see Arrow). Then CLICK "OK"



Next, find in the Assignment List "Flaps retract incrementally" (for FS2004) or "Retract flaps" (for FS2002); then CLICK



In the lower left hand side of the screen; locate and CLICK ON "Change Assignments"



With this smaller window appearing, Press the spring Return TOGGLE Switch "UP". The text "Button 02" will appear

(see Arrow). Then CLICK "OK"



And this is how your computer should look when BOTH Flap Control Settings are Programmed. Notice that the

REPEAT Bar is FULLY to the LEFT.


Programming the Optional Parking Brake (Model 1070/2004)


Just as you programmed the Flaps Switch, you can easily program the Optional Parking Brake with either the Skylane or Skyhawk Throttle Quadrants. The Parking Brake comes in one Model for Both FS2002 and FS2004.


The Parking Brakes are made up of a round magnet connected to the plastic shaft of the brake. When the lever is pull all the way OUT the magnet is brought into contact with a reed switch. This switch closes due to the effects of the magnet. When programmed in the Assignment Window on the FS2002 or FS2004, the Flight Simulator will sense this closure as the setting of the Brake. When you push the lever all the way in, the magnet moves away from the reed switch thus allowing the switch to Open. The Flight Simulator senses this open circuit as the Release of the Parking Brake.


INSTALLATION of the Parking Brake (Models 1070/2004)


Take the RCA cable from the Parking Prake and push it onto either of the two RCA recepticals located on the back of the Throttle Quadrant. 


Programming the Parking Brake for FS2004


Assigning the Parking Brake within the FS2002 or FS2004 software is very easy. Before running Flight Simulator, push the Parking Brake Lever all the way IN. This will assure that the internal magnet is not in contact with the forward Reed Switch. Plug the RCA connector from the Parking Brake into the "WHITE" RCA Jack on the back of the Throttle Quadrant. You can now load and run FS2002 or FS2004 at this time. Click "Settings" and "Assign". Locate "Parking Brake Set" (see below).




Locate "Parking Brake Set" in the Assignment Window of your FS2004 and Highlight with a mouse click.



Then 'click' on "Change Assignment" and pull the Parking Brake Level all the way OUT. You will now see that Button 03 has been programmed for the Parking Brake.




Your Assignment List for FS2004 should Look like this. Then when running Flight Simulator 2004, pull the Parking Brake OUT (Brake SET) before loading an Aircraft Type. For example, say you loaded the Cesna Skyhawk; in the lower left hand corner, you will see the wording: "PARKING BRAKE - Press PERIOD (.) to release.



 To release the Brake, push the Parking Brake all the way IN. The "Parking Brake" label will disappear. It's now time to apply Full power and take to the skies.


Programming the Parking Brake is now COMPLETE



Optional Carburetor Heat Switch

On the back of the Throttle Quardant, you proberly noticed a second RCA Receptical. This is BUTTON 04 and it can be connected to another switch if you like. How about using this Extra RCA Receptical for Carb Heat? Our Carborator Heat Switch Model 1080 is similiar in appearance to the Parking Brake but with a 1 inch Diameter Round Head instead of the "T" Handle. If you wish to purchase the Parking Brake and/or Carb Heat Switch, goto:


Programming the Throttle, Mix and Prop Pitch




To program the Throttle Controls, lets go back to the SETTINGS Window. Again, Click on "Assignments"



This time Click on "Joystick Axes"

And then "Skylane Throttle Quadrant"



Locate and Highlight on "Engine 1 Throttle axis"



Then Click on "Change Assignments"



With the above window showing; Pull on the Throttle Lever (BLACK). X Axis will appear in the smaller window.

Then Click OK.



Back to the Assignment List; find and Highlight "Engine 1 Mixture Axis". Then Click on "Change Assignments"



With this window showing, pull the Fuel Mix Lever (RED). Y Axis will appear in the once empty window.


Then Click "OK"



Programming the Prop Pitch (Model 1045HiR)



If you purchased the Model 1045HiR Throttle Panel, you have the added feature of adjusting the Pitch of the Propeller.

To program this feature, Click on "Engine 1 Propeller axis" then Click "Change Assignment"



With the above window showing, Pull the BLUE Lever Out. "Slider" will appear for FS2002 "Z Axis" for FS2004, in the once blank window.


Then Click "OK"


  Programming the Sensitivity of the Panel

Back to the now famous "Settings Window", Click on "Sensitivities"

Then find and Click on under Joystick Type, "Skyhawk Throttle or Skylane Throttle Quadrant"

Click on "Simple". Notice the 2 Blue Bars. The left most saying "Sensitivity - all axes". The right saying "Null zones - all axes". Take note of the placement of both bars. "Sensitivity Bar" MUST be all the way to the RIGHT, while the "All null zones" is places all the way to the LEFT. THIS IS IMPORTANT. If these Bars are not set correctly, the Flight Simulator will NOT provide FULL Lever deflection. Example; When you push the Throttle All the way IN, your engine Tach will read only 1800RPM, not the full RPM needed for Takeoff. When Axis setting is complete; Click "OK"

This completes the Calibration and Programming of the Throttle Panel


 If you have any comments, Ideas or programs that can make the THROTTLE QUADARANT Panel more Realistic to use, Please feel free to contact us at: