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  Installing the Flight Sim Brake Pedals Model #POT001
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  Easily Add Taxi Braking Convience to ALL . . . .

Microsoft's Flight Simulator FS2000, FS2002 & FS2004

Home Technologies FLA - formerly Suncoast Technologies Spring Hill FL

Completely Assembled/Tested

* Realistic Aircraft Braking
* With Parking Brake REALISM!
* Inexpensive Addition to ALL MS Flight Sims
* Use Flight Sim 'Settings' to Assign Functions
* Uses Standard Grameport Connection or
* Gameport to USB Adapter
* Uses Standard 15 Pin Male Connector
* NO Outside Power Required
* Easy Programming Instructions
* Operates Using X & Y Axis
* MODEL # POT001

Installing the Brake Pedals on Your Gameport

The Braking Pedals will operate with Win95, Win98 & XP systems. Just plug the Brake Cable into the GamePort Connector. The XP computer will sense the new hardware and load the appropriate software. If not, you might have to install it yourself.

First, locate the 'START' icon in the lower left hand corner of the XP computer screen and CLICK on it. Then CLICK on 'CONTROL PANEL'; then 'GAME CONTROLLERS'.



With the 'GAME CONTROLLERS' window showing; click on 'ADD'. Then Highlight '2-axis, 2-button joystick'. Then Click 'OK'. With the Brake Pedals connected to the Gameport; the Game Controllers window will display under 'STATUS' the word 'OK', indicating that the driver is installed and the Brake Pedal is recognized.




Next, we need to Calibrate the Brake Pedals by Clicking on 'Settings'.

Then Click on 'Calibrate'.

The 'Game Device Calibration' Window will Appear.
Then Click 'NEXT'.

Now come the Tricky Part.

With the Brake Pedals on you lap; take your hand and press BOTH Pedals HALF WAY down. Say on a scale from 1 to 10; 1 being the Pedals at rest and 10 being the FULL deflection (pressing the peddles as far as they will go); Press the Pedals to 5 (Half way).

Then Click 'Next'.

The '+' icon should be in the Upper LEFT Hand Corner of the Calibration Window. Now, press the LEFT Pedal HALF WAY. The '+' should move to the Upper RIGHT (but NOT all the way).

With pressure still on the LEFT Pedal; press the RIGHT Pedal (Half Way). The '+' will now move from the Upper Right hand corner to the Lower Right Hand Corner (but NOT all the way). With pressure still on the RIGHT Pedal, Release pressure from the LEFT Pedal. The '+' will not move from the Lower Right corner to the Lower LEFT Corner. Now, release pressure from the RIGHT Pedal. The '+' will now move from the LOWER LEFT Corner to the Starting Point; The Uper Left.

What we need to do is to MOVE the '+' icon all around the Calibration Window; Right, Down, Left then Up. Do this procedure a few more times.

Then Click 'Next'.

When Clicked; Another Calibration Window Appears, asking you to Center the Joystick then Click 'Next'. Do this by Pressing BOTH Pedals HALF WAY in as before (Remember #5 on the 1 to 10 Scale?). Then Click 'Next'.

The 'TEST' Window will now appear. Note that the '+' icon is in the UPPER LEFT HAND CORNER of the window. This is where we want it to be. Press the Left Brake Pedal; the '+' icon will move FULLY to the RIGHT; Then Release. Press the Right Pedal; the '+' icon will now move from the Upper Left hand corner to the LOWER LEFT Corner.

Finally, with the Parking Brake plugged into the RCA jack on the Back of the Brake Pedals; Press the spring return button. The #1 RED Circle will LIGHT, indicating all is fine.

If your Pedals do not perform as indicated; go back and Re-Calibrate the Pedals again.

Installing the Brake Pedals on Your Flight Simulator

Now that the Brake Pedals are Calibrated, we now must Install them on our Flight Simulator. I will show you how to install the Pedals using FS2002. Similar procedures can be used with FS2000 & FS2004. Start-up your version of 'Flight Simulator'. Find and Click the 'Settings' Icon. Then Click 'Assignments'.

Click 'Joystick Axis'; then Highlight '2-axis 2-button joystick' under 'Joystick Type'. Delete any Default settings that the FS program has created.

Now Highlight 'LEFT BRAKE AXIS'; then 'Change Assignments'.

With the 'Change Assignments' Window showing; Press the LEFT Brake Pedal. 'X-AXIS' will appear in the small window. Then Click OK.

Now Highlight 'RIGHT BRAKE AXIS'; then 'Change Assignments'.

With the 'Change Assignments' Window showing; Press the RIGHT Brake Pedal. 'Y-AXIS' will appear in the small window. Then Click OK.

Note in the above Photo, the small boxes to the right of Left Brake Axis and Right Brake Axis. Using your mouse, Click on each box. An 'X' will appear. Do this for BOTH Brake Axis. Your Assignment List should look like this (see above).

With the Brake Pedals now Calibrated and Assigned; Lets turn our attention to Assigning the 'Parking Brake' switch. While still under the heading '2-axis 2-button' (Joystick Type), Click on 'Buttons/Keys'. As before, Delete any Default settings the Flight Simulator assigned. Find 'Set Parking Brake' in the list and Highlight it. And Click 'Change Key Asignments'.

With the window displayed as shown above, Press the 'Parking Brake' Button. Button01 will appear in the small window. Press OK.



Braking Pedals
Microsoft Flight Simulator FS2000, FS2002, FS2004

Will work with ALL Aircraft Configurations
(from the Piper Cub to the Boeing 777 & MORE!)
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